Get MORE Done While Working Less

by shansheraquinn on May 30, 2012

Get MORE Done While Working Less

by Shanshera Quinn

When I set off for college, I thought okay, it’s just me now.  I am on my own and it is up to me to become a success.  I never thought I would have a child a little over a year later.  Many believed that this little surprise would require me to take a detour off my intended path of successful college student to successful career.  But, I became even more determined to make it happen.  However, in trying to take care of a child, run a household, stay on top of a full load of classes and work part time; I discovered that I really couldn’t accomplish my goals alone. I had to invite others to join me on my island to help me get where I wanted to go. Not only did this assistance help me get there but I got there a whole lot faster too. 

Now that I am in the process of growing my business, I have quickly discovered that the same principle applies here.  As you read on you’ll discover how you should apply it to your business or project too.

In the beginning of building their business, most entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves.  This is understandable considering that you think putting in all of your time and all of your energy is the best way to save money and get your business off the ground.  So you go about learning everything you can, figuring some things out the hard way and doing all that you are capable of to get ahead.

For a while, this system actually works. But when your clients realize just how good you are and begin demanding more of your time; trying to keep all the plates in the air can become a bit overwhelming. However, because it is your business and you are determined to make it work, you keep trucking along; working day in and day out taking care of clients, building a website, networking, developing relationships, writing your newsletters, posting your blogs and so forth and so on.

Then, you reach that inevitable plateau. You don’t have any more time to give, your income has leveled off and your neglected family has become that squeaky wheel that you’ve always heard about.  So how do you make it all work?

You do what you do best and delegate the rest!

 As I have continued my studies of some of the wealthiest people who ever lived, I have found this to be a continuous theme; wealthy people do the things that they do best and delegate all the rest. Many of these people weren’t born wealthy.  They started out just like you and I and then built their business and their team one person at a time.

Don’t allow lack of finances to stop you from growing your business

Oftentimes when we (solo-entrepreneurs) are strapped for cash but in over our heads, we are reluctant to shell out the necessary money for an assistant.  We think we will hire an assistant or outsource those time consuming activities during better times.  However, this is where the issue lies. There will be no better times if you don’t start delegating those things that eat into your valuable time but don’t directly serve your clients or your bank account.

You have to start somewhere

Until you are at the point where you are able to hire your own staff; you can begin by outsourcing.  I have learned that outsourcing even a few hours of work can get you a great return on your investment.  Spending fifty dollars on an assistant can free you up to bring in a hundred which is really a double whammy. Not only do you get your money back plus 100% increase but you also get to stop doing the things you don’t like, you’re not good at or are simply a waste of your time. This frees you up to do the things you do best so that you get more done, have more time and make more money in the process.

Even if you have to win a new contract, get a new client or cut back on spending to cover the cost of an assistant, a copywriter, a client care representative, a designer, etc.,

Do It.

Just as no successful career can be built on an island, no successful business can be built alone either. Take a look at your business and determine which tasks would be best for someone else to do, then go out and find the right person to do them.

Now, you are on your way to building a more profitable and sustainable business.

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  1. Mirian T.Sanches says:

    So well said Shan…I love the simple way that you articulate the words so it’s easy to everyone to understand your point. Very useful article!

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