A Winning Product or Program Launch – 4 Essential Strategies

by shansheraquinn on October 17, 2013

A Launch is one of the most effective strategies to bringing in a significant amount of cash in your business as well as reaching the most people during a set time frame.

Matching your offer (program or product) to what the market wants:

You need to know that your product or service is really solving the problems that buyers are willing to pay to solve. It goes beyond just assuming that they would want something because you know they really need it or that they would be willing to pay for it. They usually have to be either searching for it or asking for it already. There are several ways you can find out what they want and what they’ll invest in. But the best thing to do is market research. Dig in to find out what your target market is asking about, what they are looking for, what they are already paying for and then match your offer to meet that desire.

Setting Launch Goals:

You won’t be able to measure your success or progress if you haven’t set any goals. Each launch needs to start out with clear goals. The goals frame the purpose of your product or program launch and help guide you in evaluating launch tactics along the way. Simpler Goals produce more focused efforts and better results. So consider…what would you like the end result to be for your business when this launch is over? How many prospects do you want to add to your list? How many clients do you want in your program? How many units of your product would you like to have sold? And so on.

Clear-Cut Positioning and Messaging: Positioning and messaging is how you go about placing your product or program in the minds of your buyers. It’s how you want them to think about your offer or what sets it apart from the others. If positioning and messaging is not clear, your buyers could be confused or not readily see the value in investing in your offer over a competitors’. So, in summary, effective positioning is a communication process that makes the benefits of your product or program so crystal clear to your prospects that they get what makes this a distinct and valuable offer. They see, they understand and they buy.

Priming the Pump:

During the pre-launch phase, you will need to be engaging with your prospects by dripping content so that you are educating them along the way about your offer. You’ll also want to seed or prime the pump by showing them little glimpses of what’s to come by building excitement and momentum around your offer. These are the activities (videos, events, emails, contests, etc.) that are conducted to create demand for your product or program so that when you finally tell them all about it, they are ready to buy.

A launch can be very exciting. However, it can also be one of the most challenging endeavors you’ll engage in. Therefore, when considering your launch, it is imperative that you incorporate these 4 strategies, plan strategically and do as much work before the launch as possible.

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