Long Sales Copy vs. Short – Mystery Solved

by shansheraquinn on March 23, 2013

“Long Sales Copy vs. Short Sales Copy” Mystery Solved!

The Answer May Surprise You

By: Shanshera Quinn

When a business owner are launching or releasing a new program, product or service, there are several behind the scene pieces that must be in place before you launch.  One of those key ingredients is a landing page or sales page filled with persuasive copy.  However, as you craft this page or even consider hiring the writing out to a copywriter, a question that often comes up and sometimes even stalls the process is…..“Do I write short copy or long copy”?

That becomes the question.

So, to give you the skinny on the “long vs. short copy” mystery, I created this brief 3 minute audio that will help you better understand which one you should use for your landing page and why you should use it.


Now…you weigh in on this age old debate by leaving your comment below.

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