Trading Value for Dollars: How to Profit from Your Talents and Skills

by shansheraquinn on May 30, 2012

 Trading Value for Dollars: How to Profit from Your Talents and Skills

The other day, I was enjoying a conversation with a young adult whom I adore.  She was sharing the details regarding a few problems she and her friends are having as they embark on their exciting but challenging adventure into adulthood.  I tend to learn quite a bit from these discussions so I ask tons of questions and am almost always thoroughly enlightened.

One question in particular was, “what is the most pressing problem for people your age”? She presented several problems, such as knowing what they should do with the rest of their lives, finishing school faster and finding different routes to success but the one she spent the most time explaining was the desire to make more money and to make it quicker than they do now. I was not at all surprised by her answer as I have heard this from quite a few young people.

I shared that there are plenty of ways to earn money quicker but the one that provides the most value and the one that will get them the most bang for their buck is through entrepreneurial pursuits.

Find the burning need or want that people have and offer a good, user friendly and valuable solution.  That’s a good start.

Pay close attention to what people are saying:

One thing I learned as a very young girl was to pay attention to what concerns people, brings them pain or what they are typically complaining about.  Matter of fact, I was so interested in this that I went to school and earned a degree to help people resolve those issues.  However, I have also learned that there are some things that people would simply rather have someone else do for them and they are even willing to pay for it.  This opens the door to quite a few profitable opportunities for you.

Let me share an example. As a young teen, I earned money braiding little girls’ hair because busy moms were always complaining about having to do it.  It was obviously a frustrating task for them. So, I offered to do it for them for a small fee and they gladly accepted.  I also earned money through babysitting; again, listening to a clearly articulated need and then, offering my affordable services.  Think about how you can apply this strategy to your situation.  Begin to really listen to those around you, whether it is at school, at work, in the community, on social media, etc.  What is their pain? What are their frustrations stemming from?

If you really pay attention, you will gain important pieces of information that may prove extremely useful to you in your quest for earning extra money.

What is it that they can’t do but would be rather easy for you to learn to do well?

When you think over your life, you will discover that there are certain things that you are naturally good at whether you enjoy doing them or not; there are some things you have been trained to do well and finally, there are some things you simply like doing. Those may be the very things that most other people around you can’t do and are not willing to learn how to do.

Going back to my example above, some people simply can’t braid hair well and have no desire to learn but they want either their own hair or their child’s hair braided. Some people simply do not have an eye for detail but they do want their living space decked out beautifully or a stylish wardrobe. You may have an eye for flair and can help them with this. This is where the opportunity to meet their needs comes in.

What can they do but don’t want to do or have the time to do?

Another piece of information you will gather by paying attention is discovering what people can do but don’t want to do or have the time to do. This is another pain. They may have something that they desperately want to get done but they just can’t bring themselves to do it because it is too frustrating for them OR they may feel that their time can be better spent on something else.

For example, most people can clean their room, office space or their house.  However, they may never feel the motivation to get it done. They want a clean living space but they hate doing it themselves. You, on the other hand, may be good at cleaning or organizing spaces and this wouldn’t be difficult for you at all. This is one of those opportunities where you can provide a valuable solution and earn a great profit doing it.

How can you be of service to them?

After you have paid close attention to what people are saying, you should now closely examine your own talents, skills and passions. See how they stack up against what people are saying they want. How can you provide a service to help them resolve their problems? How can you help them relieve their pain? What can you do for them that would ease their frustrations? If you can match your talents, skills or passions with their unaddressed wants, you have a potential cash opportunity.

You must be willing to listen to the people, pay close attention to what they are saying they want, determine how you can use your talents and skills to help bridge that gap for them, and then provide value in the form of a solution to their problem.

What are you willing to do for others that they either can’t do; don’t want to do or don’t have time to do for themselves and that they are willing to pay for? That is where the key to earning money quicker lies.

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  1. Mirian T.Sanches says:

    Absolutely fantastic Shan! This is incredible useful information to those who don’t know yet what they can do to find out about their own talents and skills! Great job girl!

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