When The Going Gets Tough

by shansheraquinn on April 14, 2015

Have you ever just felt like screaming? I know first hand how life and business can sometimes throw you curveballs.

But don’t stop and question your greatness! Your power, your gifts and your talents are unique to you and enables you to impact the world in your own special way.

So be encouraged and please if you want to scream, don’t scream out of rage or disappointment, but scream this…”I AM gifted, talented, and anointed for greatness!” Every time you’re frustrated, every time you question yourself, every time the naysayers start to get in your head…. Scream this! Ha! That’s right, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader & encourage yourself. Happy Tuesday, and have an amazing day.

Now repeat after me… “I AM gifted, talented, and anointed for greatness!

Your Partner In Success,


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