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by shansheraquinn on February 9, 2015

So, did you get it? If so, did you do it?

Did you take on the task of clearly defining your target audience that I sent in the last email?  I mean getting real specific.

If not, then you definitely want to go check it out. Getting this piece down is really key to marketing online.

If you did, then you can pat yourself on the back. You now have an advantage.

You have taken a step towards having a successful business that only 20% of those new in business ever take. Yes, that’s right. According to, not really being in touch with your customers is one of the top five reasons over 80% of businesses fail in the first 2 years.  And the only way you can do this is by having a clearly defined market.

So as you can see, this one thing, getting clear on a specific target market, can be the difference between a profitable business and one that is just staying afloat, especially for those that are marketing online.

But as I said before, it is one step. It’s critical, but just one piece of the puzzle.


The next step is getting clear on what they actually want and need as it pertains to your industry so that you can offer it to them in a way that they understand and gets them to say yes.

So how do you get crystal clear?

The Power of the ASK….

One of the best ways is to simply ask. You will get plenty of insight by just asking them the following questions.


  • What is your greatest goal and why?
  • What is stopping you from achieving it?
  • What have you tried already?
  • What are your willing to do to change this situation and why now?

So why are these questions so important?

Glad you asked my fellow entrepreneur 😉

Let’s dissect each one of them so you know exactly what to look for in their answers.


What is your greatest goal and why?

This question communicates their greatest desire and why it’s important to them. This will help you to not only develop an offer that will help them achieve their goal but also help you sell it by including (in your sales copy or conversations) the values most important to them.

What is stopping you from achieving it?

This question gets at their challenges (preferably top 3) and allows you to create an offer that deals directly with what they have been struggling with. In addition, it allows you to share relevant stories of people overcoming them in your sales communications, helping them see they can too.

What have you tried already?

This question is key. It gives you the insight into what they’ve already been willing to invest time, money or effort into revealing what attracts them. You can use similar messaging and marketing strategies to attract them but with your own twist. It also gives you an advantage to know what didn’t work and why so you can build ways to overcome those obstacles into your offer. This increases their chances for success this time.

What are you willing to do to change this situation and why now?

Ahhh… the main question. This tells you if they are really ready to do what it takes to change this situation now – meaning, are they ready for your offer. And getting to the big WHY would help you create a better offer and would give you the words you need to use to sell it. And the right messaging is critical to reaching the right audience.

So as you can see, getting complete answers to just those four questions can tell you SO much about your target market and what they want.



It will allow you to really tailor your offer to meet their needs and will also reveal the words you need to use in your sales copy or sales conversations to get them to say YES to it!

Now, I just want to emphasize, this isn’t the only way to learn about your target market. There are several other strategies you can use to gather intel about them.

There are just too many for one article.

But this is certainly a very effective strategy, especially when you’re starting out.

And the best way to do this is by interviews. I know it would be easier to send out a survey or post the questions somewhere for all to see but these questions require a little more probing to get the information you’re looking for and only the give and take of a conversation will allow you to do that.

So my challenge to you is…. Set aside some time to interview past clients, current clients, possible clients and others who fit your specific target market profile, even if you’ve got to give a little bribe (like a strategy session or a consultation) in exchange. It’s that important.

Once it’s done, you’ll have a great indication of the products, programs and services your ideal clients not only need but want and are willing to pay for.

So go test it out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you found this technique helpful. Just hit reply and let me know.

Your Partner In Success

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