Ultimate Bio Package

Let the Real You Shine Through with the Ultimate Bio Package that Calls to Your Ideal Clients, Engages them Authentically and Helps You Close Sales!


Dear Business Builder and Solo-Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are well aware that many consumers are beginning and ending their search for products and services online. They are looking for businesses to be more transparent than ever, giving them free reign to take a peek at the real person behind the brand.

 Let the real you shine through…

Regardless of what you are promoting, you are now in the “people business”. Whether you are in the wellness, faith based or self help industry or selling products, services or programs; potential clients need to know, like and trust you in order to buy from you.

An engaging bio and about me page that communicates your “specialness”, can help you set the stage for building that trust and creating a prosperous business relationship.

A well crafted Bio and About Me page can help you…

  • Attract your ideal client
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Define and communicate your worth and the value you bring
  • Build authentic professional and personal connections
  • Position yourself as the answer to their problem 

With the Ultimate Bio Package, you will be able to do just that as your bios will be written to not only attract your ideal client but they are specifically tailored towards your chosen platform or media channel as well!

This package gives you the opportunity to share your story by weaving your experiences, your education and your expertise into a narrative that not only communicates who you are personally and professionally but also the benefits you bring your clients today. 

Stand out from the crowd…

With new businesses cropping up every day, a great bio can help set you apart in your niche. This means you must communicate what makes you different, what makes your services unique and the one thing that distinguishes you as the “best” solution to their problem. 

Your custom tailored Bio and About Me Page shows your potential clients who they are working with, what they can look forward to and how they can expect it. It shows the real person behind the business and provides just enough info into your personal life for people to see that you are approachable and genuinely interested in helping them.

With your Ultimate BIO Package, you will be able to make that connection authentically, which will make prospects more likely to want to work with you, follow you, listen to your advice and buy from you.

Your potential clients are out there searching for a business they can trust to help them accomplish their goals.

Let me craft a Bio package that gives them one more reason to choose YOU!

Select Your Bio Pack Today!

Gold Bio Package 

  • Brief Bio that can be used on social media outlets, blogs, articles posts, etc.
  • About Me Page for website

Ultimate Bio Package

  • Brief Bio (Various Platforms)
  • About Me Page for website
  • Author, Speaker, Special Program Bio

Silver Bio

  • Brief Bio (Various Platforms) 

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Looking forward to working with you.



3 responses to “Ultimate Bio Package”

  1. My current bio is located on a website I consult for. In addition to consulting for them I am also have stretched out and started locating my own clients.

  2. Shanshera, you did an awesome job on my bio! God has truly gifted you….I look forward to working with you on other projects. Thanks.

  3. Petal says:

    Like to discuss writing copy for my website. Thanks.

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