The World’s Best Salespeople And How You Can Become One Too

by shansheraquinn on June 12, 2012

The World’s Best Salespeople And How You Can Become One Too

Although some of us might cringe when we think of salespeople in general; without this sacred art, everything would come to a standstill. Selling, whether it is products, services or ideas makes the world go around. It is universal to all backgrounds and to all walks of life. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a spiritual leader, an ambitious professional, a college student, a spouse, a parent, or a friend, you are in sales and if you have reached a level of success, you are likely very good at it.

However, there is a group of people that can run circles around even the best of us. This may come as a surprise but to me; kids are some of the most masterful sales people on earth, hands down. These little ones can get even the most frugal parents, who are barely making ends meet to buy them the latest electronic gadget. I’ve seen them work their way into the hearts of some of the toughest adults I know and I’ve learned some of my most critical lessons through my interactions with them.

For those of you familiar with my background, you’ll know that I’ve spent many years working with youth in various settings.  After studying them immensely, I’ve discovered that the #1 thing they do to become the best little selling masters in the world is that they study their customers. That is, they closely observe the adults in their lives, whether its parents, teachers, relatives or other unsuspecting adults.  They watch them carefully and then respond accordingly. This is where trial and error comes in.

 And how does this apply to you; you might ask.

Well, interestingly enough, this is also the #1 strategy you can use to reach your goals too. Study your customers (whoever they might be). Depending on your position, your customer can be your clients, your employer, your employees, your spouse, your parishioners or even your social media followers.

Like kids, by studying your customers, you will learn quite a bit but most importantly you discover what makes them tick, what they like and dislike and what affects them emotionally.  You’ll find out if they are motivated most by pain, pleasure, ambition, money, power, etc. Even if you ask them directly what motivates them, they may not be able to tell you exactly as some people may not even realize why they respond the way they do. However, if you listen very carefully to what they are saying and pay close attention to what they are purchasing, how they are spending their time and how they are responding to your questions…you will discern their true values and motivations; even the unspoken ones.

So, really; let’s take our lesson from the masters and begin observing, listening, responding and adjusting based on what inspires our clients most. It may turn out to be a game changer for you and your business.


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