Sales Calls – What’s all the buzz?

by shansheraquinn on January 15, 2014

How To Use Sales Conversations To Grow Your Business: 3 Key Strategies

As a small business owner, there are several reasons you should incorporate the sales call in your marketing plan, especially when you provide a service. It gives the prospect an opportunity to experience you and your expertise, it allows you to do market research and learn what the major challenges are your prospects are facing and it gives you the opportunity to screen them and determine if they are a fit for you or what you’re offering.

1. Market Research:

The key to connecting with prospects and closing more sales is that you’re creating offers that fulfill their pressing needs and wants. Oftentimes, business owners offer services that “they” feel would help solve their particular clients’ problems. However, if that is not a problem that the prospects view as a priority and one that they would pay money to solve, they will not buy. It doesn’t matter how good your sales pitch is. This is why it’s important as a business owner; to know and understand the pressing challenges your potential clients are seeking to overcome as well as their greatest desires.

When prospects come to a sales call, you are given the opportunity to get this information first hand by asking the right questions. You can tap into their hearts and minds to discover exactly what’s getting in the way of them moving forward towards their goals, how they view those barriers and… if they are ready and willing to do something about it. Once you begin to know (in their own words) what these issues are and their importance to your potential prospects, you can begin to speak their language. And when you begin to speak their language and make offers that they indeed want, your sales will skyrocket.

2. Opportunity To Showcase Your Skillset Firsthand:

Another great reason to conduct sales calls is that it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skillset. When prospects come to sales calls, they show up expecting something in return for their time. You want to give them enough to help them get a taste of your expertise as well as enough where if they leave the call and don’t buy, they feel they got some value from the call itself.

Anytime you are providing value in this manner and assisting someone in reaching their goals, you are showcasing your skills. This allows the prospect toexperience your coaching, mentoring or teaching style first hand as well asyour ability to problem solve. If it is a service you provide, where you actually do the work for the client (like I do with copywriting), they can still experience your expertise by the ideas and strategies you help them generate. So although you may not actually be doing the work at the time, the prospects get a feel that you know your stuff and that they will enjoy working with you. 

3. Ability To Screen Potential Clients:

This is very important. If you provide a service that could require extended contact with a client, you certainly want to screen them as well. This could make the difference between you having a miserable experience or a rewarding one. Just as the prospect is evaluating you and making the determination if you are the expert, coach or mentor for them, you should be doing the same with a prospective client. You want to take this time to assess if this prospect is someone you would want to work with or if they’ll likely be one mega-headache. And from my experience, you can get the gist of that on one call and when you get that feeling – pay attention to it.

You also want to know if they have a problem that you can solve. Just because they might be an ideal client doesn’t mean they’re looking for the solution that you provide at the time. You want to make sure that this is the right time and the right person with the right issue. You can also use this call to determine their readiness for your program or service. If they’re not ready and you end up having to drag them along, it may not be worth it to take on the project as the outcome will not be as successful. So, you want to use this opportunity to screen them as well and do not be afraid to say thank you but I don’t think this is a good fit or a good time, etc. Whatever you do, don’t take on a project that you know in your heart, from the start, isn’t going to work.However, when you know that your offer is perfect for the client, then you want to go all out and do everything you can to get them to enroll, sign up or buy because what you’re offering will help them reach their goals. And…that is how you can serve them best, by getting them to say yes to themselves.

As you can see, there are several reasons for you to incorporate sales calls in your marketing arsenal and they all increase your chances of closing the perfect sale, especially on big-ticket projects or programs. So if you haven’t already, review your marketing plan and determine where and how you can include sales calls as part of your strategy.

Look out for the next article where I break down the anatomy of a successful sales call.

In the meantime, if you have questions about sales calls or conversations, just let me know in the comment section. Also, if you found this article helpful, let me know in the comment section also.

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