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by shansheraquinn on June 9, 2014

Incorporating Webinars into Your Marketing Strategy

Hello!  Guess what I have been up to since my last note to you?  Planning a webinar (among other things)!  I hear from a lot of my clients that they would love to offer a webinar but just aren’t sure where to start.

 Does putting on a webinar sound intimidating to you?

 Have you put on a webinar before but weren’t thrilled with the results?

What I want to share today will help you make your first or next webinar a successful one!  It was written in conjunction with Melissa Gaines with  We will discuss resources needed for a successful seminar, as well as how to create webinars that educate and sell.

Resources You Need To Run A Successful Webinar

When considering what is needed for a great webinar, too often people immediately start thinking about the mechanics – what program they will use, their slides, etc.  I want to challenge you to start the process of planning your webinar by considering the content you will share on your webinar.

We all lead extremely busy lives so what can you share that is going to be compelling enough for someone to take time away from their other obligations to spend time listening to your webinar?  Think about what urgent, pressing problem you can solve for your audience…that solution is what will get people to block out time on their calendar for you!  Valuable content is, in my opinion, the key ingredient to the success of your webinar.

Now that you have a general idea of what your content will be, let’s consider two other key ingredients to a successful webinar:

–       the platform that you will use to conduct and broadcast your webinar

–       a marketing plan for your webinar

The webinar platform would be the program you use to deliver your webinar.  Examples include Webinar Jam, Go To Meeting and Instant Teleseminar.  There are others, but those are some of the big name, popular webinar platforms.   If you have a Virtual Assistant (VA), he or she might have expertise in one of these programs and could recommend one to you if you don’t already have a preference.

Regardless of what platform you choose, make sure you plan time to practice all the features you will need to use before you are live in front of an audience.  You will want to know how to mute everyone, how to unmute, how to load your slides if there are any, how to record, and where your guests will post if they have questions.  Make sure you practice the entire webinar at least once before the live event.

Also, you want to make sure people show up.  So, a marketing plan to promote your webinar is critical!  Approximately 7-14 days before the webinar, start telling your email list about the webinar.  And promote multiple times on all your social media channels.  It’s also wise to ask others to help you promote your event.  Seek out colleagues with non-competing businesses to help promote your event.

Prior to the promotion period, also consider making your blog posts and social media posts relate to your webinar topic.

Now, I’ll stop there because I really want you to take action.

So let’s do this…write back or post with the date you’d like to do your first/next webinar.  And also tell me one thing that has you nervous about actually announcing the date and topic publicly.  Do you need to find a Virtual Assistant to assist you with the webinar?  Are you struggling to get enough content for an hour long webinar?  Are you unsure about creating professional Power Point slides?  Do you need guidance on writing copy for a landing page?  I want to hear about it all!

Over the next month, I will share with you how to create webinars that educate and sell. And I will also address each question and concern that is shared.   Don’t delay…post the target date for your webinar and be sure to share your webinar-related questions and/or concerns.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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