The 4 Key Ingredients To Your Online Marketing Success!

by shansheraquinn on July 12, 2012

The 4 Key Ingredients To Your Online Marketing Success!


By: Shanshera Quinn

There are four key components that are critical to the success of any business that’s marketing online. They include the message, the market, the traffic and the copy. Align them completely and your marketing campaign could soar but neglect even one of them and your online sales could come to a screeching halt!


It is critical that you get very clear on your message. Your message should be directly tied to a need that people already know they have. This is the only way your ideal client will be able to connect with you and your content in a meaningful way. Your message must incorporate the thing you do, who you do it for and the benefit you bring to the marketplace.

For example: my message is “I help you (entrepreneur) make more money with words that sell ~ Let me write words that attract your ideal client, connect with them authentically and inspire them to act”. 

As you can see, my message includes the benefit, what I do and who I am targeting. It should to be obvious to your ideal prospects that you are speaking directly to them and that what you are offering will, in some way, improve their business or quality of life.


This is where you, the heart centered entrepreneur, often gets bogged down. You may have a great message but if it is not aligned with the expressed needs and wants of the group of people you are targeting, your marketing message will not be heard.  

When you are trying to market to everyone, you end up marketing to no one.

Therefore, it is very important that you determine who your ideal client is and then study them to make sure that they actually want what you are offering. This is where your great listening skills come into play. You will have to understand their needs, their wants, the things that bring them pleasure and pain and what motivates them. And it is much easier to immerse yourself into a group and match your message with their needs when it is a smaller potential client base than it is trying to market to everyone.


You can know who your market is, have your message perfectly aligned, and have excellent copy but if no one knows you exist, it will be all for naught. This is why it is critical that you get your message in front of your ideal clients on a regular basis by driving traffic to your copy. There are many ways that you could generate traffic but the primary method is by having a WordPress website or blog and by incorporating regularly searched keywords throughout your copy. Other highly effective strategies for driving traffic to your site includes: posting on social media platforms, submitting articles to article galleries, guest blogging, sending emails and newsletters and using PPC, banner and magazine ads. Whichever methods you use, make sure that they have proven most effective for reaching your target market.


Once you get your sales copy in front of your ideal prospects, it must do three things: grab their attention, connect with them genuinely and motivate them to act. Therefore, you must craft a “no-brainer” offer that is hard for your ideal client to resist. And if you have a message that is aligned with the wants and needs of your target market and you have been connecting with them on a regular basis, then this will be much easier to do.The biggest key here is to create your sales copy from your prospect’s frame of reference, helping them see the benefits they will gain from becoming your client and providing them with very clear directions on what they should do next to achieve those results.

Getting this right can make the difference between a successful online business and a struggling online business. Make sure you are consistently driving your ideal prospects to well written copy that speaks directly to them. 

When you review your message, your target market, your copy and your traffic, does it all align? If not, what can you tweak today? Leave your answer below.

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