Incorporating Webinars Into Your Marketing Strategy

by shansheraquinn on May 15, 2014

As business owners, you know the best way to close sales in your business is face to face. There is nothing that will accelerate the… know, like and trust factor like being in front of your ideal client. But we also know that in person events take quite a bit of time and effort to put on and can be a bit more difficult to get butts in the seats. And besides that little fact, studies show that it takes 7-12 touches (or contacts) before a qualified prospect decides to do business with you.

This is where virtual events such as webinars (and even teleseminars) can be your friend. They give you the platform to share your message, give great value and generate leads without all the stress of having to organize tons of live, in person events. And to make them even more valuable is the fact that people can attend from all over the world, without the hassle of travel, allowing you to expand your brand and reach more people than you might’ve even imagined.

So, if you’ve been considering using webinars to grow your business, it’s time to get started. They can prove to be a godsend for your marketing efforts as well as a tool for providing valuable content to your clients.

Let’s take a look.

What are webinars?

Webinars are online events where you can meet with one or hundreds of people to share content, videos, web pages, presentation slides and more. Webinars typically have audio and visual components so your visual is shared through the internet and the audio is broadcast through the audience’s computers or through the telephone.

Who are they for?

Webinars can be used by anyone with a message to share. They are used by schools, corporations, training institutes, small business owners, entrepreneurs, realtors, leaders, coaches, authors and the list goes on. If you’ve got valuable content to share, something to say or something to sell, webinars can be very helpful for your biz.

How do webinars enhance your marketing strategy?

Similar to videos, webinars are all the rage when it comes to marketing your business, providing valuable content, connecting with prospects and making sales online. They allow people to make a personal connection with you because when you are doing a webinar, you can use the webcam for live video, show a picture of yourself on your powerpoint slide while you tell your story and let your personality shine through not only through the pictures you use but also with through the audio. With webinars, people can still get a good sense of your style, your values & beliefs, credibility and whether you can help them accomplish their goals.

What are the benefits & why do I need to use them in my biz?

  • They help grow your list
  • They are convenient
  • More people can attend than live events
  • Great way to deliver content to clients
  • They are easy to put together and deliver – with a little practice J
  • They help build relationships faster
  • They allow you to offer content… one to many
  • They help build your credibility and facilitate your expert status
  • They serve as an online avenue to make sales – live or via recording
  • Allows you to educate and inform your audience
  • You can leverage them by recording them to use again and again
  • You can invite people from around the globe
  • They give you a platform to convert prospects into clients (launches)
  • You can repurpose that content in several ways: the audio can be turned into a podcast, the transcript can be turned into a report, parts of the report can be for articles or blog posts, social media, etc.
  • As you expand, you can even use webinars as a tool to train employees and contractors

As you can see, there are several reasons you should be using webinars in your business. They can be a valuable & profitable tool in your marketing arsenal. So, I invite you to explore the different ways you can use webinars to grow your business. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Next… we will cover the resources you’ll need to get started creating webinars to educate and webinars to sell.

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