How to pull yourself out of a rut so that you can get back to the important task of growing your business!

by shansheraquinn on July 30, 2012

 How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut So You Can Get Back To The Task Of Growing Your Business!

By: Shanshera Quinn


“Sometimes you have to simply encourage yourself.

Lick your own wounds instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.”

That was the message my pastor was giving that particular day and at the time, it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was during a time where I was in the pits, so to speak, feeling a wee bit discouraged and not very satisfied with what was going on with my business or my life. It seemed as if I was stuck, waiting for someone else to come and give me all the answers and pull me out of the rut I was in.

Well…I didn’t get what I was waiting for that day but I did get what I needed and it was this bite sized nugget of wisdom that has served me well ever since.

As I have become more connected and in tune with the world of free enterprise and business development, it’s become quite evident that sometimes entrepreneurs, even “successful” ones grow weary at times too; like when people don’t seem to get what you do or when prospects are not opting in to your mailing list or potential clients are not buying your products or enrolling in your programs, or when it just seems that your marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. This can be enough to drive even the strongest among us into the pits.

But, as I discovered in both my personal and professional experience and you will discover here today, there are strategies you can use to quickly snap yourself out of a rut so you can get back to the important task of growing your business.

How to encourage yourself and pull yourself up out of a rut!

Take Immediate Action:

Take immediate action. Don’t give weariness a chance to woo you and settle in. Do something that brings you joy or gives you the opportunity to operate within your genius. For example, if you are a coach and you’re gifted at interviewing clients, start drawing up a list of possible interviewees or a list of questions. If you are a trainer or speaker, start developing the content for your next workshop. If you are a personal fitness trainer, start developing some workout routines. If you are a social media expert and your genius is connecting with people through pictures, then begin searching for images so that you’ll have them on hand. Just get busy doing something you love. It takes you out of your thoughts and puts your mind on something productive. The more productive you are, the better you will begin to feel.

Start Racking Up Small Wins:

The momentum you gain from taking immediate action will lead you to the next step ~ racking up on the small wins. When you are in one of those “weary” moods, there’s nothing like victory to help cheer you up. This is when you work towards goals that stretch you yet are short and quickly attainable. For example, you can focus on getting one client this week instead of the 10 clients you need to get this month or you can set a goal to create one blog post this week instead of two. Then, get it done, pat yourself on the back and move on to the next small goal. Soon, you will create enough momentum to keep you going until you can see the light.  

Feed Your Mind With The Things That Inspire You:

The thing that is often driving these negatives feelings are negative thoughts, so the goal here is to change your mind. This is where you literally begin to inspire yourself by what you choose to feed your mind. Pay attention to what or who you have been listening to, what you have been watching and what you have been reading.

You’ve got to expose your mind to those things and people that will uplift you.

Once you find what inspires you, you need to wake up to it in the morning, review it the middle of your day and then go to bed being exposed to it as well. Maybe its worship music, the Bible, an inspirational speaker, a teaching CD or a great book; whatever it is, just begin to saturate your mind with it. This greatly influences what you think and say. It will also help you to speak positively about your situation or to simply not speak about it at all. It would also be wise avoid complaining or whining about it because when you do, you are feeding that negative thought process with your very own words.

Yes, it is normal to grow weary. However, it’s not okay to get stuck there. It’s time for the radical entrepreneurs, and that includes you and me, to step up and take over the business world anyway. And that will not happen by waiting for someone else to come along and pull you up out of a pit. As an entrepreneur, you already know you’re reslilient. You know how to bounce back. So, in the words of my pastor, go ahead…lick your own wounds and encourage yourself!

Now, let’s REGROUP and Get Moving.

What “rut busting” strategies do you have? Leave me a note on my Facebook page about the steps you took to pull yourself out a rut. And while you are there, remember to Like the page.

I’d love to hear from you and see your face too!

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  1. narvia says:

    I really needed this. Thank you so much for being who you are and for being willing to share the way you do. Be encouraged and be blessed.

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