3 Hot Copywriting Tips

by shansheraquinn on August 6, 2012

3 Hot Copywriting Tips That Will Make Your Sales Copy Call To Your Ideal Client, Connect With Them Authentically and Draw Them To You Like Bees to…Honey!

By: Shanshera Quinn 

As an entrepreneur who markets on the internet, your words must be as appealing, engaging and irresistible as honey to generate the buzz necessary to make sales and be successful online.  This is where being lukewarm just won’t cut it. 

Your copy will have to stand out amongst the very crowded internet freeway and these 3 tried and true copywriting tips will help you ensure that your sales copy rises to the challenge.

 TIP #1 – Arouse the interest and increase the want:

People are interested in what they want and that is not necessarily the same thing as what you think they want or should want, for that matter. You will need to focus your attention on the urgent pressing problem your reader is experiencing as well as that very important spoken and unspoken want or desire.

You must take this opportunity to jar them awake with your words by bringing that particular issue or desire to the forefront of their minds and keeping it there.

Whether they want to lose weight, make more money or wish to start their own business, this is what you will remind them of throughout your copy. However, keep in mind that ultimately it is the feelings that the results bring that people are after even more so than the results themselves. Therefore, you will need to stir up those emotions by spicing up your copy with a little drama.

TIP #2 – Dramatize it:

Yes, bring on the drama as long as you keep it truthful.  It gives a little more kick to your copy and your services. You are sharing with your reader what they really can get out of working with you and how your story is connected to theirs.

Here you will put on your creative hat and paint the picture to drive your point home by helping your readers visualize themselves doing the things they want to do and feeling the way they want to feel.

However, don’t go too far overboard because then your copy can feel too sales-y or too hype-y. The goal here is simply to give your potential client a brief mental experience or a taste of what is possible after applying your solution.  It should be as vivid as the situations calls for, where they are actually seeing the sights, smelling the smells and feeling the feelings in their minds.    

A few effective ways to do this is to: tell personal stories where you have successfully applied your solution; and include images that capture the essence of what you are trying to say; and finally, you can share client testimonies, which takes the readers on a journey from where your clients were before to where they are now. This helps your potential clients see how they too can join forces with you to get to where they want to go.

TIP #3 – Meet them where they are & take them where they want to go:

Oftentimes as business owners who have become experts in your respective fields; you have the tendency to speak to people from where you are and not necessarily where they are. To overcome this hurdle, you will have to go back in your memory to that place where your client is now and consider what you needed and wanted back then.

Secondly, you should pay very close attention to what they are saying, the questions they are asking and what they are doing. This helps you to speak their language by using the terms they use so that you can offer the solutions they are actually seeking. Speak to them as if you are having a conversation over a cup of coffee, starting with the basics and as you move them up through your products, programs or services funnel, then your language can begin to shift as well. Just be sure that on each level, you are meeting them where they are.

By simply incorporating these three easy tips into your copy, you can make your sales copy more irresistible so that you begin attracting your ideal clients to you like bees to honey.

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