What product or program will YOU Launch?

by shansheraquinn on October 29, 2013


3 Strategies To Use When Deciding What Program or Product To Offer For Your Next Launch 

With the approach of the New Year almost amongst us, entrepreneurs, like you, are setting your sights high with big business and income goals (as you should be). You are already coming up with plans for making 2014 one of your best years yet. And most of you know that one of the key strategies to bringing in the kind of income you want for your business is to have a program or product launch.

However, it is important that the program or product offered meets a certain criteria to be a hit with your particular target market. And…you don’t want to rely on luck or what you think they might want so be sure to incorporate these 3 strategies in your (launch) decision making process .

Offer Something That Solves A Big Problem For Your Target Market

Your offer for your launch should solve a problem for your target market that they are already aware of. To find this out, you can start by paying close attention to the questions your prospects and clients are asking, what seems to be causing them frustration and what they are reporting as their greatest challenges. This helps you see into their world and identify the problems they are currently grappling with which in turn, opens up the opportunity for you to provide a solution. You can then review your services, your skill-set and your passions to determine what you can offer your clients that will solve the problems they are presently dealing with.

Questions to consider:

  1. What issues or challenges are your prospects and clients sharing with you?
  2. What topics or situations are they asking questions about?
  3. Based on your skill-set and offerings, what can you offer them that will help solve the problem they are sharing with you?

Your Offer Should Give Clients A “Repeatable” Process For Solving The Problem

Offer your clients something that will not only help them solve their problem today but in the future when it comes up as well. Therefore, you are actually offering to teach them a strategy of some sort, presenting an ongoing service or providing them with a product that they can refer back to or use as a guide time and time again. Not only does this give more substance to your offer but it helps to increase the lifetime value of your offer as well by helping potential clients truly get a good understanding of its long term impact.

Questions to consider:

  1. Does my offer teach a strategy that can be used time and time again, is a product that can be used as guide for now and in the future or is it an ongoing service that they can receive until they no longer need it?
  2. What makes this offer unique to me?
  3. Does my offer make it easier, cheaper, faster or less painful to solve this problem?

Your Offer Should Be Something Your Target Market Desires and Is Willing To Pay For

People should already be actively looking for a solution to this particular problem. It needs to be something that is considered to be an urgent pressing problem that they are ready to do something about now. You don’t want your solution to be something that they feel they can do without for now and only consider when times are better, they have more money or they have more time. It should be a problem they are currently seeking an answer to. This goes back to really paying attention to what they are already buying, what they are searching for and what they complain the loudest about. This gives some clues about which problems they consider a priority and the ones they are willing to pay to solve .

Questions to consider:

  1. Is your offer solving an urgent pressing problem that your target market is already talking about?
  2. Is your target market already purchasing solutions to this type of problem?

Taking these 3 strategies into consideration as well as reflecting on and answering the above questions will help you craft an offer that is well suited to the desires of your target market and with great marketing and planning; will ultimately lead to more sales for your business.


Now, go ahead, reconsider the questions above and drop me a line in the comment section for the blog and share your thoughts or any additional questions you think of.

Have a great launch!

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