Is Email Marketing Dead?

by shansheraquinn on December 2, 2013


Email Marketing Is Alive And Well:

5 Ways You Can Use It To Grow Your Business Today!


Despite some of the rumors you may have heard about email being passé, now is not the time to pull back on your email marketing efforts.

As the smart business owner you are, you know that the profits are in the follow up. So, it’s time to capitalize on email and leverage it to take your marketing efforts to the next level (of course without adding more to your plate). And despite the emergence of the game changing powerhouse called social media,  email remains one of the most powerful ways for you, the business owner to connect more deeply with your market, engage more genuinely with your prospects and clients and to successfully promote your services.

It helps you:

1.  Stay TOP Of Mind

Regularly emailing your list allows you to be proactive, staying fresh in the minds of your prospects. It often takes 7-10 connections (being exposed to your message) for a prospect to invest with you. Staying in touch helps them think of you when they are ready to make their purchase.

2.  Market One-to-Many But With A Very Personal Touch

It would be excellent if you could grow your business meeting one-on-one with all your potential clients but we know that is simply unrealistic. So, speaking with them through email is really the next best thing. Email allows you to talk with your list as if you are talking to them each individually. In fact, as you write your email, you should have one person in mind and write as if you are speaking to that person only. It makes your email feel more personal to them, therefore deepening the connection.

3.  Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

Sharing valuable content with your e-list on a regular basis helps position you as an industry expert. It allows you to showcase your talents and skills through the resources you share, the valuable content you send and the products and programs you offer them. It is through your sharing of relevant and useful information that prospects begin to look to you for leadership and advice in your area of expertise.

4.  Helps You To Build And Establish Relationships With Your List  

Sending regular emails allows your list to get a good representation of not only who you are as a business owner but also who you are as a person . Your personality can be and should be infused within each email you send. Also, sharing what’s important to you as well as those tidbits about what’s happening in your life, further deepens the connection and bond you develop with your list. It also allows your readers to get an inside look at what it might be like to work with you, therefore, strengthening their trust in your ability to help them.

5.  Allows You To Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot

Email is so flexible as there are several systems you can put in place in your business to utilize it most effectively. Of course, you have the basic email where you simply share some valuable content or give information about an incredible offer you have. You also have the option of sending ezines (like what you’re reading now), where you not only share valuable content, but you include resources, what’s going on with you and other tips that your list might find interesting or helpful. Then, there is the auto-responder series, which is a set of emails you write once and then program in your system to be sent automatically. Autoresponder series allow you to immediately begin connecting with your list subscribers, building relationships with them and offering your services or products without your constant attention.

As you can see, there are several critical reasons why you should be emailing your list on a regular basis. It allows you to serve, it allows you to create those connections and it allows you to market your products and services.

So, I’m going to present you with a challenge today. If you do not have an email list, create a free offer that will allow you to begin building one. However, if you do have a list and you haven’t been emailing them regularly, it’s time to start today. Create a plan to touch base with your list at least twice a month beginning next month. And make a commitment to get going.

Happy Writing…

P.S. Here’s a resource that will help you with your email marketing. Check it out.

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