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by shansheraquinn on March 3, 2014


5 Part Marketing Roadmap


As an entrepreneur, you can get so busy with the day to day operations of your business such as; creating content, uploading blog posts, answering emails, serving your clients and a host of other tasks that you hardly spend the time necessary to successfully market your new services, products and programs. The intention is definitely there. You know it’s important. Yet, it just gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list as other important things come up. However, here’s the truth… Every successful entrepreneur, especially the ones who run their business virtually, will tell you that they spend a significant amount of time marketing, particularly during a launch; they do it strategically and they do it consistently. It is the priority in their business. Their marketing plan is just as important as their content development, business growth and financial plans. So… how do you make marketing a priority in your biz? Check out these tips below.

 Determine Your Marketing Goals

There are two types of marketing plans you can have. One is a marketing plan for your business in general. This involves collecting leads and moving people through your product/program funnel. The other type of plan would be for a particular product or program you are launching or re-launching and because we are in the midst of covering launches, that’s where we will focus. The first thing you want to do is determine your marketing goals for your launch. How many people you want on your list? How many sales would you like to make? How many partners would you like to connect with? And so on… You should have very clear goals for each product or program you launch.

Decide On Your Strategy

After you have clearly outlined your goals, now you determine what type of marketing strategy you will you use to reach that goal. They range from sales pages to event sponsorships to guest emails and so on. But keep in mind you want to choose the ones that work for you, that you can use with confidence and the ones that connect with your market. Just because you see another entrepreneur rocking a particular strategy doesn’t mean that same strategy done that same way will work for your market. So test some out and find what works for you.

 Develop Your Marketing Strategy Sequence

Ok… now that you have that all figured out. Let’s put the strategies in a particular order. Without a sequence, your message could get lost in the marketing abyss. Keep in mind that one strategy implemented in insolation will not cut it. It usually takes the combination of strategies along with a logical sequence to get your market to take action. So a lone email or a few posts on social media won’t do. There should be a coherent sequence of events taking place. For example, you might promote your free offer with an ad on Facebook, you might mention it once daily on your page… Then you might send an email to your list with the link to enroll. You see where I’m going. You will continue with the strategies you listed, even duplicating some of them until you’ve completed your launch.

Create Your Marketing Schedule

Now that you have the sequence, you will want to create your marketing schedule. This can be as flexible or as rigid as you need it to be as long as it is sufficient and you do it consistently. I know some business owners who spend the first 2 hours of each day focused or marketing tasks. I also know some who devote a full day to marketing each week and finally, some that determine a set number of hours that they will spend on marketing tasks for the week. This will depend on your goal, what fits your schedule and what works for your market. But be sure you are executing your marketing plan consistently and strategically.

Build Your Marketing Team

Because your business does not start running itself while you are launching something new, you will have quite a bit on your plate. This is where you’ll need to run your business as a CEO would, acknowledging that you need help to bring this goal into fruition. You will need people to help you execute so consider them in advance. Even if you are new to business, you still want to hire help. Just a half hour a day can provide tremendous relief and free you up to market and do those revenue generating tasks. You may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant for a few hours a month during your launch or a web designer who can spend a few hours doing what takes you a few weeks. You can also consider a copywriter to help you write sales copy that converts people to buyers. And you just might want to consult with a launch manager. Whatever you do, find someone to assist you based on your immediate needs and what your budget will allow.

So now… take some time and map out your marketing plan for your launch. Determine your marketing goals, decide on your strategies, develop your sequence, create your schedule and build your team. This will put you five steps ahead of most entrepreneurs launching something new.

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