Customized Copywriting Packages

Customized “Client Winning” Copywriting Packages

When starting or growing your business, there is just so much to get done… 

Getting all the sales copy written for your website, programs, product launches, and list building efforts can feel like one more monumental chore that has to be tackled during your already limited time. Just the thought of it all can become a drain on your mental energy and end up interfering with the top notch service you provide for your clients.

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you…

Since writing sales copy is something I thoroughly enjoy and just so happen to be really good at, let me take this overwhelming yet important task off your plate with done for you “client winning” copywriting packages that are sure to turbo charge your marketing efforts and your bank account!

Check out the budget friendly yet client winning copywriting packages below.

You have 4 to choose from:

List Builder Package:

  • Social Media Bio
  • Opt-In Sales Page Copy OR Squeeze Page Copy
  • Auto Responder Copy (3)
  • Email Copy (2)
  • Newsletter articles (2) 

Website Copy Package:

  • Website copy (3 pages)
  • 1 minute video script for website
  • Bio Update

Product or Program Launch “Promotion” Package:

  • Landing (Sales) Page for product / program
  • 3 Emails + 10 social media updates (for your use)
  • 1 minute video script for landing page or email
  • Copy for the back cover of the product or book
  • Copy for 3 PPC Ads
  • Bio update customized to fit the promotion

The Complete Done for You “Client Winning” Copywriting and Marketing Package:

  • Website copy (3 pages)
  • Ultimate Bio Package
  • Opt-In Sales Page Copy / Squeeze Page Copy
  • Opt – In Auto Responder Copy (3)
  • Blog Posts & Email Copy (2)
  • Sales Page for product / program launch
  • 3 Promotional Emails + 10 social media updates (for your use)
  • Copy for the back cover of the product or book
  • 2 Video Scripts – 1 minute (1 for website & 1 for promotional sales page or email)

Contact me for a 15 minute consult to determine which package is best for you.

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One response to “Customized Copywriting Packages”

  1. Hi Shanshera!!!

    I cam across your video interview on Sandy Krakowski’s website. As you can see by our website, we specialize in cell phone and tablet repair. We live in a city of about 250,000 surronded by other rural communities. My biggest obstacle is that I have a full time job and my husband runs the day to day operations of the business. He still thinks “if they build it they will come.” I have had success with Facebook marketing so far but we need to crank it up a bit. All of the marketing lands on me and I do not have the brainpower to write a compelling sales page after working 10 hours a day. I am lookin gfor sales pages and PPC sales copy that will convert. What can you offer. Please send me an email tomrrow if possible. I can respond to your duting breaks and lunch. If you think you can help and we can work well together I would like to get started very soon.

    Thank you for your time!!!

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