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Challenge Welcome Video

1. If you haven’t been added to the Facebook Group (which is our Forum), send me a friend request so that I can add you. Friend me at Shanshera Quinn

2. You will be invited to the Facebook Group – Ready, Set, Launch Challenge

3. Introduce Yourself & Your Business (if you haven’t already)

4. Set Your Settings To Alert You To Posts In The Group or Be Sure To Visit At Least 2X Per Day

5. Be on the look out for the First Lesson and Challenge on Monday, February 3rd! It will be posted in the FB Group.

6. Study the lesson and complete the challenge for that week. Submit your results on time according to the directions given when the challenge is posted and you will be eligible to win the prize for that week. Challenge winners will be posted in the Forum.

7. A bonus audio has been posted in the Forum. If you haven’t listened to the interview with Heather Santo, grab a few minutes and listen to it this weekend. It’ll do your body good.

Let’s Do This!


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