Brand Your Launch Like a Boss! – {Guest Blog}

by shansheraquinn on February 3, 2014

Brand Your Launch Like a Boss!


What do the most successful entrepreneurs know about launching a new product or service online? You’ve got to have a solid brand for the launch to make it work.  A well-branded launch helps you establish real trust among your target market because it shows you are professional.  Plus, in an age where we are all so overloaded with information, consumers have become more savvy but have less time.  That means every piece of content and communication of your launch has to grab them and make them say “yes” at every stage.  If you truly want to “launch like a boss,” here is exactly what you’ll need!


Establish the brand for your launch

The first step is to determine the brand for your launch and how you want it to show up.   Here are a few key pieces you’ll need:

  1. Establish your brand language.  What key words and phrases do you want to use and repeat throughout your launch? Pick words and phrases that help people get a sense for the vibe of your brand and the product or service you are launching.
  2. Decide on your theme.  Pick one that will help people get the energy of the launch.
  3. Choose your colors.  You’ll want to choose colors that convey the mood you want to express.  Read on more below about color psychology.
  4. Pick your images.


Color Psychology

Colors have different meanings to different people and cultures so keep this in mind when choosing yours.  You’ll want to choose one main color that will flow throughout visual elements of your brand launch (such as colors for headers and buttons on your landing page.) Here is a rough guide to the meaning of different colors you might choose.

  • Yellow: Optimistic, warm, clear, happy.
  • Orange: Friendly, cheerful, confident, energetic, fresh.
  • Red: Excitement, bold, sassy, youthful, fierce.
  • Purple: Creative, wise, spiritual, royalty, imaginative.
  • Blue: Calm, professional, strong, dependable.
  • Green: Growth, health, eco-friendly, wealthy.
  • Grey: Balance, professional, calm.


Decide How You’ll Promote Your Launch (Here are 14 Ways!)

Every good launch needs at least two avenues for promoting your new service or offering.  When deciding which is right for you, think about what will be easiest for you to launch (given whether or not you have a support team).  Also, choose the promotion methods that your particular audience likes as well.  Here are just some of the elements your launch can include.

  1. Webinar (your own or those of others where you can promote your event)
  2. Teleseminar (your own or those of others where you can promote your event)
  3. A challenge of your own on social media
  4. Livestream
  5. Google hangout
  6. Telesummit
  7. Contest/sweepstakes
  8. Workshop or seminar done in person
  9. Advertisements on social media
  10. Affiliates: Others who will promote for a small cut of each sale they bring in
  11. Partners: Those who promote for you for free (who you will also promote in the future)
  12. Blog series
  13. Social media status updates
  14. Video series


10 Places to Infuse Your Launch’s Brand

Now that you have some key brand elements of your launch, and an idea of where you’ll promote, you need to determine how to infuse this brand into all you do.  Here are some key places to infuse your launch’s brand.


  1. Facebook ads
  2. Landing page headers
  3. Landing page headlines
  4. Images for your landing page
  5. Your social media images (timeline covers for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc., plus images for any Facebook groups if you create them for your launch)
  6. Headlines of emails you’ll send as part of your launch
  7. Videos you do for your launch
  8. Your email signature (always update it to include links to the landing page for any launch you do)
  9. Social media messages
  10. Your voicemail for your business (a great place to promote!)


So there you have it! You now know about key elements of the brand you need to build for your launch, information on the meaning of different colors, different ways to promote your launch and places to infuse your launch brand.  As you decide on each of these elements, you’ll make it easier to do the rest of the planning for your launch.  Soon enough, you’ll be launching like a boss!


Sherry Mirshahi-Totten is a brand strategist and the CEO of Make Your Brand in Demand.  She helps women entrepreneurs show up as the best version of themselves online and offline so they can get the visibility and success they crave.  Sherry has been featured on,,, The Chicago Tribune, and other major media outlets. 


To get clear on your own brand and learn how to get more visibility, download Sherry’s Brand Visibility Kit at


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