Your Target Market – Do You Really Know Who They Are?

October 14, 2013

Tweet When you think about “soccer moms” – what comes to mind?   Did you quickly picture a mom living in the suburbs, with a couple of children, driving an SUV or mini-van, shuffling her busy children from one place to the other? No worries if you did. It’s what we’ve been conditioned to think. […]

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Long Sales Copy vs. Short – Mystery Solved

March 23, 2013

Tweet “Long Sales Copy vs. Short Sales Copy” Mystery Solved! The Answer May Surprise You By: Shanshera Quinn When a business owner are launching or releasing a new program, product or service, there are several behind the scene pieces that must be in place before you launch.  One of those key ingredients is a landing […]

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3 Hot Copywriting Tips

August 6, 2012

Tweet 3 Hot Copywriting Tips That Will Make Your Sales Copy Call To Your Ideal Client, Connect With Them Authentically and Draw Them To You Like Bees to…Honey! By: Shanshera Quinn  As an entrepreneur who markets on the internet, your words must be as appealing, engaging and irresistible as honey to generate the buzz necessary […]

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How to pull yourself out of a rut so that you can get back to the important task of growing your business!

July 30, 2012

Tweet  How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut So You Can Get Back To The Task Of Growing Your Business! By: Shanshera Quinn    “Sometimes you have to simply encourage yourself. Lick your own wounds instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.” That was the message my pastor was giving that particular day […]

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The 4 Key Ingredients To Your Online Marketing Success!

July 12, 2012

Tweet The 4 Key Ingredients To Your Online Marketing Success!   By: Shanshera Quinn There are four key components that are critical to the success of any business that’s marketing online. They include the message, the market, the traffic and the copy. Align them completely and your marketing campaign could soar but neglect even one of […]

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The World’s Best Salespeople And How You Can Become One Too

June 12, 2012

Tweet The World’s Best Salespeople And How You Can Become One Too Although some of us might cringe when we think of salespeople in general; without this sacred art, everything would come to a standstill. Selling, whether it is products, services or ideas makes the world go around. It is universal to all backgrounds and to […]

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Trading Value for Dollars: How to Profit from Your Talents and Skills

May 30, 2012

Tweet  Trading Value for Dollars: How to Profit from Your Talents and Skills The other day, I was enjoying a conversation with a young adult whom I adore.  She was sharing the details regarding a few problems she and her friends are having as they embark on their exciting but challenging adventure into adulthood.  I […]

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Get MORE Done While Working Less

May 30, 2012

Tweet Get MORE Done While Working Less by Shanshera Quinn When I set off for college, I thought okay, it’s just me now.  I am on my own and it is up to me to become a success.  I never thought I would have a child a little over a year later.  Many believed that […]

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Make More Money Moonlighting as a Part Time Entrepreneur

May 29, 2012

Tweet Make More Money Moonlighting as a Part Time Entrepreneur: A 4 Step Process to Kick Start Your Side Business Moonlighting as a part time entrepreneur: You don’t have to quit school or give up your 9 – 5 job to earn the money you want.  However, you will have to put in a little […]

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