Your Target Market – Do You REALLY Know Who They Are?

by shansheraquinn on November 2, 2015

blog post nov 2 market segmentation

When you think about “soccer moms” – what comes to mind?

Did you quickly picture a mom living in the suburbs, with a couple of children, driving an SUV or mini-van, shuffling her busy children from one place to the other?

No worries if you did. It’s what we’ve been conditioned to think. And marketers and big businesses use this same image to market to mothers all the time. They tend to lump them all into one big category as if they’re all the same because they share one common role – “motherhood”.

However, some of these moms stay at home, some have professional careers and others run their own businesses. Some are all about saving the planet, some are competitive athletes, yet others are focused on growing their businesses to 7 figures. So it’s obvious they have different hopes and dreams.

However, this is where business owners can miss the mark – marketing to stereotypes instead of individuals.

And if your target market research stopped at age, gender, socio-economic status, number of kids, location, etc., you could be missing out on clients too.

So, today, let’s consider a few questions to get you thinking beyond demographics and looking at the psychographics (deeper elements) of your target market – which are just as important.


When you think about your target market, what motivates them? What really pulls at their hearts and gets them to respond? What pain do they want to avoid? What are their hopes, dreams and desires? Why did they come to your page – what are they looking for?

Buying Preferences

What are their buying preferences? Do they like to gather all info first before making a decision – the more info – the merrier? OR do they skim and are satisfied with enough info to know that your offer meets their greatest need? Are they generally looking for the best deal or do they care more about their experience with your product or service?


 What reasons would they have that might stop them from buying right now? What would make them not buy from you? What questions would need to be addressed for them to move forward?

 These are just 3 out of the 25 areas from my activity on defining your target market which requires you to drill down deeper into who they really are. And, if you struggled in answering any of them, you’re likely missing out on sales in your business. Because… if you aren’t aware of them, you’re probably not addressing them in your marketing materials.

So, take a moment and fully complete the activity again. Then if you notice there are areas you may have neglected in your marketing materials, develop a plan to key in and shore up those areas when you create your next marketing piece.

And to help you get even clearer on your target market, come on over to FB and join me in my Facebook group (Boss Ladies who Launch) and grab the free target market clarity checklist there. Join the group here…


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