Attention: Solo-Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Service Professionals, Authors and Leaders who want to grow your business, increase your profits and get your message out there in a big way!

What if you could have your own sales force in print that works for you 24/7 that magnetically attracts more of your ideal clients, make more sales and ultimately transform your business while you sleep…

If you are ready to grow your business without adding more stress, putting in more hours or breaking the bank, you have arrived at the right place at the right time.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or independent service professional, you can have awesome products and excellent services and still be the world’s best kept secret if you have copy that isn’t doing its JOB.

Your copy does one of two things, it either causes a reader to think…or it causes them to BUY. Let me write words that sell for your campaigns so the sale is not only automatic, it happens repeatedly!

In order to get potential clients to give you a second look, you must first grab their attention, draw them in and connect with them through your written words.

Whether it is your web copy, your emails or landing pages; every word counts. We only have about 5 seconds to prove our message is exactly what our clients are looking for… and we ARE their answer.

In fact, good copy can help you build relationships, boost your credibility, and land more ideal clients while transforming your business into a “cash producing machine”.

Isn’t it time for your payoff?

You’ve poured hours upon hours into your business; building a website, growing your list, crafting and tweaking offers, organizing events, posting blogs, sending newsletters, and the list goes on. You agonized over every painstaking detail until you crafted a great offer and created products and services that are simply first class yet your ideal client hasn’t come bomb-rushing your door.

Build it and they will come…yea right

Yes, you have followed the advice of all the gurus who said “build it and they will come” and that internet marketing is the “way” to go. You’ve struggled for months, sacrificed time, money, and even sleep, trying to do this online marketing thing only to have some success but not nearly as much as you should be having. You’ve slowly come to realize that in spite of your best efforts, when it comes to building profitable businesses online; your results aren’t measuring up.

And quite frankly, you’re done with being the world’s best kept secret.

Let us help you change that with “words that sell”!

Schedule a 15 minute consult with me today, I look forward to speaking to you!


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  1. Sally Davis says:

    Tamala Huntley gave me your contact info. I am a pastor and women;s conference speaker. I need a new bio written for my website and to send when I go out to preach at conferences. The one I currently have was written by a member and is too lengthy. I would prefer to streamline it and to depart from sharing so much testimony. Please let me know how much you would charge to rewrite something I can be proud of… LOL. Thanks, Pastor Sally Davis

  2. Karlene says:

    Hi Shanshera, I was going through my emails from Sandi and would like to speak with you concerning your service to help me on my Blog.

    I also hope to become a member of the ‘Emerald Membership’ program which Sandi offers, asap, but in the meantime, I would definitely love to speak with you. If you are available, please let me know.


  3. Robin David says:

    Hello Ms Quinns, !!!

    I need help with my bio and website you are a GOD sent to me. I look foward to speaking with you . I’am on a new career path so excited about your gift to help people like me.

    Robin David

  4. Hello Ms Quinn

    I just got this website and I really need your help please I’m looking forward to hearing from you thank you in advance
    God Bless

    LaDean Turner

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